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Class Rules

by Connie McLain


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Junior High Reading Class Rules

1.  When the bell rings:
        a.  sit down
        b.  stop talking
        c.  face the front and give me two eyes.   

 2.   Put your binder on the floor out of the walkway.

3.   Place these items in plain sight on your desk:
          a.  spiral and pen
          b.  AR book

         c.  literature book

         d.  homework

4.  Make quick, smooth transitions.

5.  Do not distract others.

6.  No cell phones.

7.  No uninvited talking.

8.  Work hard and do not stop until all work is completed.

Numbers 1 and 3 are "nonnegotiable" rules.  In other words, when these rules are not followed, detention is automatic.  A student will have 3 days from the time the detention is issued to take care of that detention.  The first ten minutes of our lunch period will be taken for all detentions.